Dating a guy with a corvette

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But Stone Poole was gone from Prince Rogers Nelson's life before that would've happened, and was reluctant to give up details of her time with Prince, even when he was at the height of his fame. I guess he just made a point to introduce himself, like, right then.

She says she's only coming forward now because she was recently "outed" as the subject of "Little Red Corvette" by David "T.

CP: Given what you thought of it, did the song grow on you?

He’s very clever, that’s all I have to say about that. I have jockeys on my wall now, I have celebrities, I have people I’ve worked with in the entertainment business. I mean, Hubert Humphrey would come over for lunch, at my grandfather’s. I’m not trying to sound uppity, but he knew what kind of family I came from, in terms of service to the community, upstanding individuals. CP: It’s kind of an ultimate trump card cool story in the '80s to be able to say, “I inspired a song by Prince.” Did you tell people this story at the time? Stone Poole: “Got an ass like I’ve never seen.” Yes, that was weird. I was known for that back in the day, I’m sorry to say that. I had a little waist, and the curves, and, talk to some of the guys around town back then. We got engaged really quickly, but we didn’t get married until ’83. I started an entertainment company, worked with celebrities.

CP: From your perspective, what’s the story behind the song? But with older, more mature ears, I hear something different now. But I had my own radio show, my own column, I’d written a book. You know, he wasn’t walking around in the house like that. You know, people would describe it as a one-night stand, with a woman who was, I don’t know, experienced, and older, which I was not, I was younger. Now, would you want to come out and say you were the “Little Red Corvette” after all that? I always think you meet certain people at a time in your life, or their life, for a particular reason. But I was hesitant, because all of those things we talked about -- family, husband, reputation.

] And the girlfriends I had told said, “You dated Prince? ” And I said, “No, no, no, no.” It was a little shocker to me, because, that’s not the Prince I knew. He said “I would do anything just to get attention,” just to take away from whatever insecurities he had. He was so talented, he could’ve worn, I don’t know, a monk outfit. I did get a hint of it early, that, ["Little Red Corvette"] was not what I thought initially it was, and I might have overreacted. I was allowed to do everything I really wanted to deal with. Had I stayed there, maybe there would not have been that Prince, had we stayed in a relationship. They said, this is an incredible story, and you need to tell it. Note: After our interview concluded, Stone Poole emailed City Pages to say she'd thought of something else she would remember: "His smile!

After Prince's death in April, Ellis told the story of asking him directly if Mi-Ling, an old friend of his, had inspired "Little Red Corvette." Prince confirmed that she had. Working title: "Little Red Corvette: The Woman Behind the Song."This photo shows a 70s-era Mi-Ling Stone with a guy who is definitely not Prince. “We gotta go.” And she was bound and determined to introduce me to Prince. (Stone Poole points out the man in the photo was not her boyfriend, and the photographer had asked them to posed together.) Photo courtesy the Minnesota Historical Society. My girlfriend Nadine asked me to go to this New Year’s Eve party. Stone Poole has already come across people who doubt her story, and expects to find a lot more: She's working on a book about her life, which has taken her from the Twin Cities to Oklahoma, where she worked as a prominent newspaper columnist and radio host. I actually was dating someone else at the time, and I actually was in one of those “in love moments.” But she introduced us, and, you know, eyes locked, smiles. That [when the two met again, in 1979] was at the Fox Trap. Stone Poole's book will also divulge some of the secrets she's kept about her relationship with Prince, and how it ended.

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CP: That early in his career, did he have the same effect on women as when he was a huge star? I was 18, he was 20, it was all about, at that point, just having fun, dancing, laughing, things 18-year-olds do. Stone Poole: Interestingly enough, he was confident in who he was, but he was insecure in other ways.