Dating single moms philippines

Posted by / 24-Oct-2017 20:49

Decide on your standards and requirements and go for it.

You can definitely find someone to meet your needs.

Here is the data from Philippines commission on Women (PCW) Seems almost 50% children born every year in Philippines are illegitimate, born from single mothers, out of wed lock and out of live-in relationships, likely from f**-for-fun unwanted pregnancies, including underage couples and pedophilia.

Philippines Catholicism-based law prohibits use of contraceptive, abortion and divorce. In terms of attitude toward pre-marital sex, 71% Philippines are against it (source: global survey ), but 53% children are illegitimate.

I think i could not date a single mom thats just too much i think helping bring up someone else child that not my issue but i would at best go only for fun your right i would not travel half way round the global to be with a woman that has aready a child with a another man I've also noticed the high percent of ready-made families on many sites targeting Western men.

The memo seems to have gone out that if a girl has earned such a reputation that the local guys won't marry her and/or she pops out a kid (or TWO ) with local bad boys -- no problem, just put up a profile and some Westerner will ride in on his white horse and save her.

Why would you go to date women abroad that has kids?

However, I will say that basing your actions on what Filipino men think is just plain nuts.

Hell, I don't even care what American men think - why would I possibly care what a Filipino thinks.

And calling the OP mently impaired or a moron (BTW, speaking of impaired, you do realize the word is "mentally") seems to be the kind of shaming tactics a woman would use.

A mature man is fully capable of deciding who he likes. But to the OP I would say - in PI you have incredible choice.

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thats for me a big a no no i could not deal with someelse offspring unless just for fun a couple of times ? You should be aiming higher, under 22s no kids, single mums just for fun short time.

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