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Dating sites for windows only rockville

You go in the woods past the 3rd baseball field and you'll see a slanted tree where the witch was buried and escaped in the 1800's never to be seen again now it is rumored that on Halloween if you go deep enough into the woods you can see the bodies of the people the witch got hanging from trees.

Built on what once was a trailer park, the ghost of a young girl (Beth) can be seen by the overnight workers.

And, on another instance, a restaurant employee witnessed a man in period clothing staring out onto the harbor, as though he was waiting for his ship to come in, and then as fast as the man appeared he disappeared.

Shadows move across the rooms, and lantern mounted on the walls are turned upside down.

Whether it is the frequent plate flying across the room, to glasses falling off the bar's wall, as though they are being knocked off one by one, happenings seem to occur very often.

On one occasion a table filled with empty dinner plates is unexplainably toppled over.

Many stories of ghosts and ghostly activity include: a shadowy figure marching along the parapets, an evil spirit in the hallway leading to the bathrooms, floating or moving furniture, tour guides during the Ghost Tour being surrounded in unearthly light, and voices heard by employees after the Fort has been closed to visitors.

The stories are well known by local residents and many people who worked at the Fort or visited it can attest to these occurrences.

I am not saying that there is not something at this school.

Now she still acts as the Principle while walking the school at night. This is to tell you that what you have listed for this location is not correct.

I went to Bates in the late 1960's and it was then Bates Middle School and it was not just blacks there.

Some teachers say that his ghost haunts the school from time to time. A ghostly woman can sometimes be seen in the attic window with a candle waiting for her soldier to come home from the war---he never does.

One specific ghost story happened when the Atheletic Director was in the basement of the gym late at night. Late at night you can sometimes see slaves hanging from the trees.

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This was a very cold place that had worse feelings.

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