Dating with inflammatory bowel disease

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Dating with inflammatory bowel disease

Moreover, the FCEs do not represent the number of individual patients, as 1 person might have more than 1 episode of care within a single HES year.

A patient identifier (HESID) can be used to link record from 1997–1998 onward.

This patient population served to pursue 2 specific aims.

The first aim was to test whether the birth dates of patients with IBD were characterized by an underlying seasonal variation.

Monthly birth dates were aggregated for the same months across consecutive birth years from January 1920 to December 1989 to determine whether a seasonal birth pattern existed among patients with CD and UC.

No different seasonal birth patterns were observed between IBD patients and controls.

The Information Centre administers the HES on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health of England.

The HES comprises a dataset of all patients admitted to hospitals throughout England, which includes inpatients and day cases.

To overcome the potential deficiencies of previous studies a truly large population of patients with IBD and known birth dates was sought.The second aim was to test whether over a prolonged time period spanning multiple decades individual months of birth affected the risk of IBD.The HES is a record-level data warehouse maintained by the Information Centre for health and social care.The type of information collected for each episode includes: demographic facts about the patients treated, details of where they were treated, administrative details, admission and discharge dates, and clinical details of diagnoses/treatments.The standard unit of measurement in the HES is termed a Finished Consultant Episode (FCE).

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