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I was in high school in the late 70's when I discovered White Shoulders. A fellow Pom Pon girl was wearing it and I asked her what perfume she was wearing.At the time we were all wearing Jovan Musk, Wild Musk, Jontue, Enjoli, Heaven Scent, Toujour Moi, Wind Song, our mothers' Coty and Houbigant fragrances, and all of the Love's colognes.One man seemed to linger at my desk after making a return appointment so I asked if there might be anything else with which I could help him, to which he replied in the negative.An hour later his wife called stating he had been too shy to ask me what perfume I was wearing but he wanted her to wear it.Then Evyan sold you out to Parfums International who, in turn, sold you out to Elizabeth Arden, and yet again you were sold out to an obscure business by the name of Idea Fragrances Company.You are NOT in any way Evyan's original White Shoulders parfum/EDT any more and haven't been for years, but instead you're a mere caricature of your former self.

My friend's mother told her that it was "old lady perfume." I had no knowledge of the history or age of the perfume, and our local Crawford's store was selling a bountiful amount of pink bottles.

It does remind me a little of Roja Dove’s ‘Scandal’ (which is an utterly divine and awe inspiring white floral) but this is a very, very, very, very, very, very, very pale reflection of Scandal’s fading memory. I just kniw it smelled very nice on me (I always topped it off with the powder) and helped me get through some horrid summer daya.

I used to work for surgeons so naturally met a lot of people, and saw many of them over and over.

It does transport me to my childhood, I feel a bit like I’m back in the 1980s but in a good way. I guess anything that still smells wearable after 70 years deserves a round of applause, but this is probably not something I would wear. My mom and a few of my friends used to call me "Doris Day" because I resemble her. I have the cologne, eau de parfum, and the perfume. I've never smelled the original, which might be superior. The eau de parfum is the best strength in my opinion.

Evyan’s ‘White Shoulders’ has been difficult to get hold of here in the UK (unlike in the USA). As a matter of fact a woman approached me on a bus back when I was in my 20s and didnt have a car and asked me if I was Doris Day. However, I've been wearing the new version constantly, and I absolutely love it. I think this newer version is better than the Perfume International version that first bought out Evyan. If you're looking for a romantic, highly feminine fragrance, this is for you. According to Fabulous Fragrances II by Jan Moran, this is former First Lady Barbara Bush's favorite perfume.

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When I told her she was very disppointed because it did not do well on her.

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