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A search on imagefap for his name should turn up a number of galleries (I found four: Here, here, here and here).The g.e-hentai site also has a rather nice gallery of his drawings.However, that series finished its publishing run several years ago and the publishers site doesn’t look particularly up to date.There’s a book available of his art, although I’m afraid I haven’t seen a copy to comment on the contents personally.The g.e-hentai site also has a large number of galleries featuring his work, and there are a few imagefap galleries (for example here, here and here).He posts some work to the tickling forum, which can be found via the search function, but you need to register in order to see the images.For example, a teacher with a student or a parent with a recalcitrant youth.

Gene Bilbrew (aka eneg aka Bondy aka Van Rod) was a peer of Eric Stanton, and produced a large amount of bondage and fetish artwork whilst working for Irvine Klaw in the late 1950’s.Two pages on the Fetish Artists site here and here. If anyone knows of a definitive collection of her work then please let me know.Bruce Baker focuses exclusively on men transformed into she-males and then compelled to service both men and women.However, he is a master of capturing a particular type of erotic tension in his drawings.Personally I think his work is incredibly exciting.


He plays with a wide variety of gender combinations, although always putting a dominated feminized man somewhere near the center of the action.

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