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Rifle barrels made from stainless steel will last longer, as related to throat erosion, than chrome-moly. Also we can get a slightly better internal finish when lapping with stainless steel.Approximately 90% of the barrels we manufacture are made from stainless steel.It now fits my idea of what a quality 22 bolt gun should be. The most recent is a 455 FS with a little figure in the walnut.Just got into targets a couple of years ago and found a new 452 Super Lux (28.6" barrel) for 0 at Mc Brides in Austin.Second , a CZ 27 ; beautiful bluing , German markings , and Wa A 78 stamp'd , with matching 1942 holster .Third , a "dot 1945 " MG 34 , which would have made first place , but , I am missing a piece .I really enjoy shooting Anschutz, but for the price difference I will take CZ every time. May start a debate but Stainless is NOT as accurate as Carbon steel.Stainless will also rust, how easy depends on the grade of Stainless.

If you were talking CF then that would be real easy today. SM Shiny stainless steel looks purdy at the range, but honestly, I would hate to have to sneak up on wary critters with a shiny stainless steel rifle.Have been shooting with my more experienced buddies who favor Anschutz and the more expensive rifles.Using 50 and 100 yard targets and Eley Club and Match, I have been keeping up with them in most cases.IMO that is a far prettier handgun than the high polished stainless CZ 75 but I do like them both !Favorites: CZ rifle would be my CZ 527 carbine in 7.62 x 39.

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I have 100 year old guns that still look great in original blue.

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