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Google sitemap validator online dating

You can ‘untick’ the ‘include priority tag’ box, if you don’t want to set the priority of URLs.The priority provides a hint to the search engines of the importance of a URL, relative to other URLs on your site.The world-wide-web continues to grow larger and larger, and it is becoming difficult for the search engines (like Google and Yahoo) to keep their indexes up to date.Google Sitemap files (or “XML Sitemaps”) are designed to help the search engines reduce the number of pages they need to crawl by providing information about your site’s content.It can automatically extract the title and caption info from your website’s existing meta data and include it in your image sitemap.

If you’d like to crawl more than 500 URLs, you can buy an annual licence, which removes the crawl limit and opens up the configuration options.This can all be adjusted within the XML Sitemap ‘pages’ configuration, so simply select your preference.You can see which URLs are ‘noindex’, ‘canonicalised’ or have a rel=“prev” link element on them under the ‘Directives’ tab and using the respective filters.Valid values range from 0.0 up to the highest priority of 1.0, with the default at 0.5.The SEO Spider allows you to configure these based upon ‘level’ (the depth) of the URLs.

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