Gridview rowupdating change new values

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Gridview rowupdating change new values

The Grid View is used to display, edit and delete the data of database file, the Text Box and Link Button are used to insert new items to the data table.In the first step, check your controls and rename them and set some basic properties of the Grid View, such as Grid View's templates and events. Copy the Page_Load and Bind Grid View methods of the sample and paste them to your Data From Data cs file, and navigator to the Property panel and switch to Event.

Although just binding the Grid View with some dynamically changing datatsource is a simple and straight job which does not need templated Grid View, it cannot facilitate us with the aforementioned operations. So as long as you are updating the data via the grid's API, the values displayed should be the most recent up to date values.However sometimes you may be updating the data outside of the grids control.NET Developer's Cookbook Sample Chapters Book Reviews Community Regular Expressions In this article the author presents a comprehensive solution to build a Grid View with template fields generated at run time with in-place Insert, Delete and Edit operations with a full description of an effective implementation and usage of ITemplate interface.In many situations we want to bind a fully, in-place operational Grid View with a dynamically changing data source.

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Redraw rows is a much heavier operation than refreshing cells.

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