Ikea china dating npr

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Ikea china dating npr

But the new measure hasn’t stopped the elderly patrons from enjoying dates at their favorite hangout.Now they simply buy the cheapest item available—a croissant costing 4 yuan (60 cents)—so they can spend the day there as usual, the Shanghai Morning Post (link in Chinese) reported. I don’t think it’s fair,” one told a local paper (link in Chinese).Now Shanghai’s seniors and the Swedish furniture giant are in an uneasy standoff: hundreds of seniors are still coming on Tuesdays and Thursdays looking for love and eating little, while security guards and cafeteria attendants try to hustle them out so younger, bigger-spending customers can take a seat.It’s a vivid example of the uncertain future facing China’s elderly population—modernizing cities and the weakening bonds of extended families are leaving them less of a role in society, even as their numbers grow, and grow.

Sometimes hundreds strong, the group’s members would stay for hours without buying anything, until the Swedish retailer cracked down in October, banning freeloaders from the cafe.

Here’s how that article describes the ad: The 30-second advert showed a family dinner scene in which a Chinese mother declared sternly to her somber-looking daughter: “If you cannot bring back a boyfriend, don’t call me Mum.” A young man then appeared at the door with flowers and the delighted parents set up their dining table with Ikea tableware and decorations.

The scene ended with the tagline “celebrate everyday’s life”.

On a recent afternoon, Sun Zhicheng, a 70-year-old retiree from Shanghai, walked into the cafeteria of the Ikea store in the city’s central Xuhui district, just as he has every Tuesday and Thursday for the past three years.

He ordered two shrimp cakes and a bottle of grape juice, which cost him 20 yuan, or a little less than .

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Tension between busy eateries and lonely seniors is not unique to Ikea or China, of course.