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In an editorial in the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, respected political and legal commentator Heribert Prantl praised the decision because it "follows the wording and logic of the law: The older the child is who is to be circumcised, the more his own will should be determined and considered.

It shows that the central idea of the overall new family law is and continues to be child's well-being." Harmless? In an Atlanta hospital some years ago, the operation misfired and two infants later required more surgery.

I wasn't having any medical issues, but it was 3 months past my annualexam.

Moreover, they concluded, a procedure could cause psychological damage to the child, since the mother said she couldn't accompany her son to the circumcision.

The film investigates the complicated world of gender identity.

Having visited the same doctor since I was a child I knew inevitably theday would come that he would retire. I never contemplated all the intimacies that patients and doctors share until the prospect of finding a new doctor was upon me.

For all profiles French and Arabic speakers are particularly valuable to us at this time.

Candidates available at short notice and for 9–12 months will be prioritized.

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The decision prompted widespread uproar, particularly among Jewish and Muslim groups and as far away as Turkey, Israel and the United States.

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  2. Due to the equivalent adverse effect on the national security and to ensure uniformity, consistency, and reciprocity of national security background investigations and adjudications, the statutory restrictions imposed by the Bond Amendment are extended to apply to all covered individuals who require initial or continued eligibility for access to classified information or eligibility to hold a sensitive position.