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Personal adult web cam sights

Some of them can live in extreme conditions like inside volcanos or at the deepest depths of the ocean.See what mirco-life we can find at Emerson Point Preserve and get a chance to study it under two different kinds of microscopes!Learn how to prepare microscope slides, and discover the technology of microscopy.

Come learn about these charismatic birds, the threats they face, and what we as a community can do to help their populations thrive.

– PM – WILD FLORIDA 101: SENSES SERIES: SMELL AND TASTE – Stop and smell the salt breeze.

Let your sense of smell, taste, and adventure immerse yourself in a night hike, exploring wildlife’s senses.

Birder Lucette will lead participants on a tour through Emerson Point’s coastal hammock and mangrove habitats.

Check out the “locals” as well as the migratory birds that are wintering here.

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– SHUTTER STROLL: 60 IN 60 – Accept the 60 in 60 challenge!

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