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Someone who took their first breath and will take their last breath on exactly the same days that I did/will.

It is Saturday night at am, and I am sitting alone at my keyboard after an 80 hour work week. Sometimes when I get bored I search the internet for other people who were born on the same date that I was. She is tall and thin with dark brown hair and glasses.They aren’t even looking at me; they are worshiping Jenn with their eyes. For six months I got calls from an angry Nigerian woman who could not be convinced that the phone no longer belonged to her ex-boyfriend! I notice that Jenn’s outfit is extremely well put together. Everything she is wearing is effortlessly coordinated. The traits and confidence normally found in women ten years older. Contrasting green pastel nail polish, subdued rings on five of her ten fingers, hair tied up in a bun with hoop earrings. When I slapped him on the shoulder there was no response, but after a few seconds he suddenly jumped up as if struck by lightning. I give Gomez Kim a glance and a slight eyebrow wrinkle that says ‘Fuck Off’. Jenn has a weakness for Oreo cookies, trashy novels and men with the letters “Dr.” before their names. Gomez Kim turns to me and says “Jake, are all the women in Yugoslovakia beautiful? I guess we all have to sign a paper at the end saying that we attended, otherwise I would duck out.When I walk into the office on Monday morning, people stare at me expectantly, waiting for exciting stories about the exciting weekend that I must have had.People associate me, rather wrongly, with the good times they wish they were having.

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The recruiter called and visited my house relentlessly.

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