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1964 Improvements were mostly operational: new Tucker Sno-Cat for grooming, a construction road, lift loading area refinement, a new well, offices, new garage and maintenance building.The painting of the lifts gave the area a bright appearance and changed the names of the lifts from numbers to their better-known names as colors.1960 The Upper Poma #2 (Black) and Baby Poma (Mitey Mite) were installed.New trails included War Dance, Arrow, Bow and the Baby Poma Slope. Ski School offered free half-hour lessons to beginners on weekends.THE AUTHOR AND PUBLISHER DISCLAIM ALL LIABILITY FOR DIRECT, INDIRECT, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM YOUR USE OF THE PROGRAMS.By downloading and using the Red Hammer Studios: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Red Hammer Studios: United States Armed Forces, Red Hammer Studios: Serbian Armed Forces, Red Hammer Studios: GREF or Red Hammer Studios: Escalation mods, you hereby agree to the following license agreement.## End User License Agreement Seperate parts of this distibution are licensed under different agreements### Creative Commons The work contained in this distribution (with the exception of the pbos mentioned in the following sections) is icensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivs 3.0 Unported License.Bohemia Interactive's approval of your monitization scheme does not grant you rights to wave this clause of the EULA.This add-on is provided for Arma 2: Combined Operations or Arma 3 and is not to be used with VBS or any of its derivatives built for the purpose of military training.### Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)The following archives are licensed under APL-SA:- rhs_a2port_air.pbo- rhs_a2port_armor.pbo- rhs_a2port_armor_camo.pbo- rhs_a2port_car.pbo- rhs_a2port_car_camo.pbo- rhs_c_a2port_air.pbo- rhs_c_a2port_armor.pbo- rhs_c_a2port_The full text of the license can be found here: https:// Direct all bug reports to bother commenting with bugs below; no one will read it, just like you didn't read the simple instructions on where to actually post bug reports.

1956 On January 31, with four inches of snow on the ground, Okemo made its debut into the ski industry with two poma surface lifts known as the Lower Lift (later dubbed the Yellow Poma) and the Upper Lift (later renamed the Red Poma) and a small log cabin which served as the base lodge.Ski School staff increased to eight full- and eight part-time instructors. 1965 Installation of Okemo's first chairlift, the Sachem Double.It serviced a new 1.5-mile novice trail, the Sachem trail, and the intermediate Lift Line trail.1961 The Lower Poma #2 (Blue) was extended 450 feet for easier access to the Upper Poma #2 Poma (Black). The base lodge doubled in size and a sundeck was added.The first A-frames were constructed as part of an alpine village at the base area - making Okemo a pioneer in the offering of ski-in/ski-out lodging. 1963 Okemo introduced Natur Teknik, a teaching method that eliminated the teaching of snow plow and stem series exercises in favor of parallel turns from the very beginning.

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The Upper Poma #3 (Green) was installed and two new trails opened: Upper Arrow and Upper Wardance.

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