Updating tribe 2 to tribe 3

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Updating tribe 2 to tribe 3

Payment used to not be accepted until you arrived at the Tourism Office.This has changed for 2017 - you MUST prepay via Mastercard or Visa only over the phone.Slowly people responded that they got a permit, but not for the days they originally wanted. Ok, I told the man, how about you just tell me what dates you DO have available? He asked for my name and phone number and gave me a confirmation number.This made me not only jealous, but I also knew that at least people were getting through. Day 3 (February 3rd) I would hear the ring tone again, but nothing. He responded July 8th was the next open weekend with enough spots for a group of 8. " At this point I didn't care what dates I got as long as I could go. It is important that you write this number down or save it someplace safe - Havasu will NOT email nor mail you any type of confirmation.

All fees are collected upon arrival, but you can only check in between 9am-5pm daily, so plan your 10 mile hike around these times to make sure you get there before it closes. You'll need to come prepared with your own food and stove/jet boil.

There are TWO phone numbers you can call to make a reservation: You may be asking yourself - why are there two possible phone numbers for each location?

Due to the recent popularity of visiting these amazing waterfalls in social media, various articles, and photography, as soon as the reservations open, literally thousands of people are calling at once to get a spot.

The last stop for gas is in Peach Springs, AZ or Kingman, AZ. This is when the kids and teachers are back in school, and parents are back to work.

Fill up on gas here - you can also fill your water bladders with ice, grab last minute snacks, and use the restrooms before getting on the road for the last hour. You'll have a much higher chance of getting the dates you want during late August, September, and October.

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Local Supai Tribe members ALWAYS get priority to fly first. My friend arrived at 6am to get in line to fly out at 10am.

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