Updating xml file c

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Updating xml file c

Value = "005";// Attach the attribute to the XML elementnewcatalogentry.

Tip: To target an element, provide XPath (or XSLPattern) expression pointing to an element and do not specify Name attribute.Create Element("Book");// New Attribute Created Xml Attribute newcatalogattr = xmldoc.Create Attribute("ID");// Value given for the new attributenewcatalogattr.Listing 4 appends a new catalog entry to the XML document using the various properties and methods of the XMLDocument class.Listing 4: Add // New XML Element Created Xml Element newcatalogentry = xmldoc.

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To target an attribute – either provide XPath expression pointing to element and set the name of an attribute in the Name attribute, or provide XPath expression pointing to attribute and do not specify Name attribute.

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