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In the other entity Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbs form the majority in Drvar, Glamoč, Bosansko Grahovo and Bosanski Petrovac.

They are also known by regional names such as Krajišnici ("frontiersmen" of Bosanska Krajina), Semberci (Semberians), Bosanci (Bosnians), Birčani (Bircians), Romanijci (Romanijans), Posavci (Posavians), Hercegovci (Herzegovinians).

Five decades later, Jovan Vladimir emerges as the Prince of Serbs, ruling as a Bulgarian vassal from his seat at Bar.

A possible descendant, Stefan Vojislav, leads numerous revolts in the 1030s against the Byzantine Emperor (the overlord of the Serbian lands), successfully becoming independent by 1042.

1080–1090) in the beginning, but denounced any overlordship in 1091 when he had raided much of the Byzantine towns of Kosovo and Macedonia.

The Nemanjić dynasty, the most powerful dynasty of Serbia, is founded with the emergence of Stefan Nemanja, also a descendant of the same line. Bodin fought Byzantium and Normans further to the south, and took the town of Dyrrachium.

In the 20th century, persecution by Austria-Hungary, WWII genocide, political turmoil and poor economic conditions caused more to emigrate.

Ethnic cleansing within Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s saw Serbs forced to different parts of Bosnia-Herzegovina, although having lived in numerous regions prior of Bosnia to the Bosnian Civil War.

The progenitor, according to Porphyrogenitos, was the prince that led the Serbs to the Balkans during the reign of Heraclius (r. The author gives the early genealogy: "As the Serb Prince who fled to Emperor Heraclius" in the time "when Bulgaria was under the Rhōmaíōn" (thus, before the establishment of Bulgaria in 680), "by succession, his son, and then grandson, and so on, of his family rules as princes.Serbs have a long and continuous history if inhabiting the present-day territory of Bosnia & Herzegovina, and a long history of statehood in this territory.From the 15th to the 19th century, Orthodox Serbs in modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina were often persecuted under the Ottoman Empire, causing many of them to flee the area.He established vassal states in Bosnia (under Stefan) and Raška (under Vukan and Marko), which recognized his supremacy.Vukan and Marko, the new princes of Raška were probably sons of the aforementioned Petrislav.

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He ruled Serbia which included large parts of present-day Bosnia, until his abdication in 1282, when he became ill.

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