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Who wants to be a mathionaire online dating

Allegations of a fix (unsubstantiated, to our eyes) raged in the newspapers because the episode happened to coincide with the final ever episode of the popular situation comedy One Foot in the Grave on rival channel BBC 1.The question Judith answered to win the money was: Which king was married to Eleanor of Aquitaine?These are: Chris Tarrant (pictured) is one of those game show hosts whose job it is not just to get up your nose, but to tickle your nostrils and play with the nasal hairs while he's in there.He has perfected the art of getting people to scream "WILL YOU JUST DAMN WELL GET ON WITH IT!For each question, they are shown the question and four possible answers in advance before deciding whether to play on or not.

At any point, the contestant may use up one (or more) of their three "lifelines".

Even the logo is smartly and wittily executed, mixing the traditional intricate bank note patterns with question marks and pound signs.

After 122 programmes, Judith Keppel became the first person to answer all 15 questions correctly in the original UK version of the show.

The contestant must answer 15 multiple-choice questions correctly in a row to win the jackpot.

The contestant may quit at any time and keep their earnings.

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A: Henry I B: Henry II C: Richard I D: Henry V Judith correctly answered B.

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